Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014: The Best Year Yet?!

This is the Christmas shirt that helped me win the family ugly shirt contest

It's January! The time of year that we all get a new start. A fresh year opening with so many possibilities. I am a bit of a fresh start junky. I love calendars and planners. I love lists. I love the idea of being able to change and grow.

Looking back is an important step in being able to head forward. We can learn a lot from our past. Plus, I'm a sentimental smuck!Love looking at old scrapbooks, photos,and journals. 

2013 was a pretty amazing year. Here are a few highlights
 * I lost 50 lbs.(I gained a few back over the holidays)


* I documented my life using Project Life!

*Crossed off a bucket list item.

*Traveled with my husband's family to Wisconsin for a family reunion!

For as long as I can remember I have created resolutions/goals for myself. Some years I am better than others at accomplishing my goals. I still feel that it is a worthwhile practice to set some goals for yourself. 

2014 Goals

*Lose 35 more pounds
* Read 12 Books
*Blog Weekly
*Continue documenting life with Project Life
* Increase my daily water intake by bringing a water bottle to work.
*Join the church we have been attending for over a year now
*Volunteer in Children's Ministry
*Write a hand written note to someone each week

What are some goals you are working on in 2014?

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