Monday, February 10, 2014

Right Now

This winter has been pretty brutal for us here in Cincytucky! We actually have a considerable amount of snow on the ground. Temperatures have been unbelievably below average. It has been below freezing for most of January and February. Having grown up in Vermont I should be accustomed to below zero temps, but I'm not. I blame it on my summer living in California. 

Pretty much in hibernation mode right now. I haven't had any motivation to do much of anything.  The "winter blues" are hitting me hard this year. The fog has slowly been lifting the past few days,it is slow going. Getting restful sleep has been EXTREMELY helpful. 

We joined the church that we have been attending for the past year. After six years of looking for a church home it is good to finally have a place to call home. I have begun volunteering in the children's ministry. This was my first week of actually teaching the lesson. I was a little rusty. I am more in practice of working with the under 5 set. It will take some time to get back into practice being with older kids. It will come. 

A wonderful teacher from one of my schools surprised me with a church cookbook. I had mentioned that I collect church and community cook books. It was such a sweet surprise. One of the recipes in the book is for a Swedish Nut Cake. It was super sweet and super delicious. Not exactly Weight Watcher friendly, but a nice treat. 

At work I have been trying to come up with crafts to go through my large collection of paper plates. One week the kids made winter hats out of paper plates. Another week we made paper plate cupcakes to celebrate the birthday of my storytime puppet. 

I am getting ready to put together a post about the books I am currently reading and books I plan to read in 2014. That post should be up tomorrow! 

What are some of your helpful hints to beat the winter blahs?

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