Sunday, July 8, 2012

S'Mores and More

I have an amazing job! I am a Storytime lady! My days are filled with books,crafts, games, and songs. I work for a childcare company with five locations within a twenty mile radius. Each day I visit a different center for storytime. During the school year, I have storytimes for children ages 18 months to 5 years. During the summer, I work mainly with the 3 to 5 year-olds. It is a great gig! I am able to combine my joy of working with children and my love for children's literature.

This past week our theme was, "S'More Camping Adventure." 

We started out our time gathering the children together on the story carpet. I brought out my large hiking backpack. Inside the bag I placed items that we might take a long on a camping trip!

The children were then invited to the tables to make an indoor S'more!

The children spread chocolate frosting and marshmallow fluff onto graham crackers for a delicious treat!
Here I am wearing my "camping hat" that I have had for over twelve years!

We spread blankets around the story area. The children enjoyed an indoor picnic while listening to a story!
Here is my parter-in-crime, Steffanie reading the children a book. We chose, "Curious George Goes Camping" by Margret & H.A Rey's.

I created a few animal footprint cards using pictures I found on online. One side had a picture of the animal tracks.The other side had a picture of the animal that made the track. We asked the children what animal they thought made each track. The bear track was the most identifiable to the children. You wouldn't believe how many children thought the raccoon track was made by a dinosaur.  

Next, we went outside to the playground. We had set up some bulletin board paper on the ground. The children used their feet to create tracks of their own!

The children used a kiddie pool to clean the paint off of their feet.

This week was extremely hot. It was 102 degrees on this day, so back inside to cool off. We sang our own version of, "Going on a Bear Hunt!"

Going On A Bear Hunt
(A repeat after me song)
We're going on a bear hunt
I'm not afraid.
Got a real good friend, by my side.

Oh no! What can it be?
A field full of grass!
We can't go over it!
We can't go under it!
We can't go around it!
Guess we have to go through it.
(Pretend to walk through a field)

Repeat first part and then add in other things you might see...

A field full of mud
A strawberry patch
A rickety bridge
An ice cream shop
A very tall tree

Last verse

Oh no! What can it be?
A deep dark cave!
We can't go over it!
We can't go under it!
We can't go around it!
Guess we have to go in it!

I see to big yellow eyes!
Two furry ear!
A big furry body!
Said Really Fast
Climb up the tree
Climb down the tree
Into the ice cream shop
Out of the ice cream shop
Over the bridge
Through the strawberry patch
Through the mud
Through the grass
Open up your door.
Close the door.
Lock the door.
Sit down!
I'm not afraid!

We ended our time by reading,"Scare a Bear" by Kathy-Jo Wargin. This is a great rhyming book! A huge hit with the children.

This coming week our theme will be, "Ahoy Matey."  We have some great stories, a scavengar hunt, and a fun craft planned! Can't wait to share it with you!

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  1. Oh that looks like so much fun...I love the paint on your feet making tracks and then washing off in the pool. ♥ Your camping hat doesn't look that old! Really cute pic of you!!!