Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weight Watchers: I'll drive from Timbuktu

This is me with my AWESOME leader, Elizabeth! She is funny,sassy, and encouraging! 

Pounds Lost So Far: 47. 4

I have made a decision about this whole Weight Watchers journey. Since my meeting closed a few weeks ago things have not been going very well. I haven't kept track of the food I'm eating. I've felt very discouraged. A trip to Culvers left me feeling physically full and emotionally empty. I decided that if I'm going to continue, I am not going to do it half way. If I need to drive from Timbuktu to a meeting, I am going to do it. 

 Meetings are essential to me. Many people have great success using the Weight Watchers online program. I need the meeting. It is so helpful to know that there are other people out there who struggle with their weight. The tips and motivation I receive keep me going! 

Today I woke up early and drove into Cincinnati to attend my new meeting. It was amazing to see Elizabeth there. She gave me a huge hug and introduced me around. It is good to be seen. So much of my life I have tried to blend into the background. Not any more! 

Physical Changes: Overshare time! My digestion problems have disappeared. I would have stomach issues three to four times a week. Now they are gone! Ewwww...Enough said! 

Favorite Food: Smart Ones Breakfast Quesadilla

It is a "sin" how incredibly good these things are! They are gooey,cheesy, and filling. Ones of these and some fruit add up to a very filling meal. It sticks with you for a while. 

Biggest Success: Michael asked me to bring home donuts for him. Are you kidding me? Donuts are my gateway food. Yet he wanted some and so I brought two home for him. A donut has not been in my hands since June. The temptation was avoided and I felt like a super hero!

What is your biggest success of the week?


  1. Glad you found a meeting! :D
    I saw those same quesadillas the other day and started to buy some, but I've decided I want to make some instead! I haven't yet, but it is coming!
    My biggest success of this week, since you asked:
    We had a revival this week at church and my family was invited to dinner with our pastor and his family, the revival preacher, and a couple of other families in the church. I did well and controlled my portions during dinner, then I went for dessert....oooooh my! But, I controlled myself there, small tastes of each thing, which I had points to cover. Then a lady gives one of the left over cakes and half a box of cupcakes to my husband to take home while we were cleaning up. A chocolate cake...triple chocolate cake, went home with me. I was not as excited about that as I might have been three months ago. I am pleased to say that it is sitting in my fridge and has been untouched by me, save for one (half) slice after a run!
    It is almost gone now, and I will be very happy to not see it every time I open my fridge!!!!!!

    1. Eating out with others can be a struggle! Sounds like you rocked it! Little changes and choices can make such a difference. You choose what you eat. Don't let the food have power over you.

  2. If certainly hope you have found a meeting and that you are continuing your weight loss!