Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weight Watchers: Slithering Raccoons

Pounds Lost So Far: 29.2 lbs.(Just a smidge away from 30 lbs.) 

Physical Changes: My rings have become a lot more loose. I think my wedding band would slide off, if my engagement ring wasn't in the way. My engagement ring is 1/2 a size smaller than my wedding band. 

My clothes are pretty baggy on me now. I haven't gone to a store yet to try on a smaller size. I think I would be disappointed if I haven't gone down a size or two. Right now I am pleased with seeing the numbers on the scale go down. Yet, with the new school year starting I need a least one pair of dress pants to wear to work.  I am currently praying about transitioning to wearing only skirts and dresses. I will write about that another time. 

This was a new flavor for me. Mmmmmmmmm....So good! It makes a good snack at only 2 Weight Watchers points. Very helpful at curbing my sweet tooth. It takes the edge off of my desire to head to Kroger for a cream filled Longjohn doughnut. I still crave them,but I'm not ready to add an occasional doughnut back into my diet. I think it will be like when I first cut out soda. I went cold turkey for a few months and then slowly introduced an occasional rootbeer back into my diet. I can take or leave soda now. I much rather would have water or an iced green tea. Maybe someday I will be able to have a doughnut without wanting to inhale an entire box. Now is not the time. 

Biggest Temptations: I went on a field trip with the kids at work. We went to Cici's Pizza and to the Skatin' Place. I made great food choices. I had one slice of pizza, a salad, and a brownie. I kicked temptation's butt. I also chose water instead of soda.

On Friday night, Michael and I went to Barnes and Noble. We usually get Frappacinos and some kind of pastry from the cafe. I chose the Lemon Lime Refresher which is only 3 Weight Watchers points. I am sad to say that I chose to share a piece of cheesecake with Michael instead of just a cookie. That 1/2 a slice of cheesecake cost me 14 points. Not worth the points, but I ate it anyway! 
From a previous visit to Barnes and Noble. Seriously,a Venti frappacino! 

Emotions: This past week I found out that a friend/co-worker in my department is leaving. This news made me sad, so I indulged in a little mindless emotional eating. Blah! This is a struggle for me. I know that I am prone to eat when I am sad or depressed. I need to work on other ways of coping, instead of heading for the food. 

Biggest Success: During the field trip, I skated around for about an hour and a half. Very fun! It took a few laps around the rink to get comfortable being back on skates again.Once I got comfortable, I had a blast zooming around the rink. The music,funky lighting, and smoke machine added to the fun. Hardly felt like I was working out. Yet, the next day I felt it in my legs. Roller skating is going to be added to my work out routine.I might have to get over the self consciousness of being a 30-something woman zooming around on skates at a roller rink. Oh well! I'll just be "THE CRAZY SKATING LADY!" 
My old-school roller skates that I've had since I was 11 years old! 

A Funny Story: I ran for while during my walk on Sunday. No, I didn't suddenly get a burst of energy and spontaneously break out in a run. I wish! No, I was scared by two raccoons climbing out of a storm drain. Upon seeing the darling creatures slide through the hole, I let out a scream and ran for my life. After about a block I slowed down. Just then,I heard a squeak behind me and I screamed again and booked it. I bet this whole scene was quite a sight. I finally stopped running when I reached the corner.I am not taking that route again.  

What do you do to keep you from turning to food when you are depressed or stressed? 

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