Saturday, August 10, 2013

Full Pockets: Organizing with pocket organizers.

My husband and I live in a medium sized apartment.Two bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, living room and a bathroom. Adding built in storage is not an option for us. We needed a way to help us organize smaller items. I need a storage solution to contain our stuff so that it was easily accessible.  

It started off in our living room closet. We didn't have room to store our hats,gloves, and scarves. My husband went to K-mart and purchased our first pocket shoe organizer. I loved how nicely it contained our stuff. I was able to quickly grab my favorite green hat,without having to dig through a box or a bag. 
We added two pocket organizers in our bathroom. I like being able to see at a glance when I need to purchase more products. I love my leopard print hairdryer and it adds a bit of color to the room.

We put two pocket organizers in our office/craft room. They hold our crayons, Velcro,tape, and a variety of other office and crafty items. If you have small children don't store smile items such as brads in the lower pockets. We learned the hard way when our young nephew came for a visit and enjoyed throwing the brads all over the hall. 

Most recently, I have added a pocket organizer in our kitchen. The pockets are perfect for holding plastic ware and straws. I put our cookie cutters,sprinkles,and birthday candles in the pockets. Having all these small items stored in the pockets opened up so much space in our kitchen cart and cupboards. Again, it is very helpful to be able to see what I need to purchase when it runs low. 

Pocket organizers are a great way to use wasted vertical space. While they are not the most beautiful, they are a very convenient and practical option for organizing a smaller space. 

Have you used pocket organizers? How did you use them?

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