Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weight Watchers: I saw the Duggars

Pounds lost so far: 34.4
Physical Changes: I have gone down a clothing size. Almost two clothing sizes. After my meeting today, I went shopping and found a denim skirt.It is one size smaller than I was wearing before. I could have gone down another size,but they didn't have the color I wanted in that size. Each clothing brand has it's own sizing, which drives me crazy!

Yesterday, I found three skirts at Goodwill that I loved! You can't beat $2 skirts. Looking forward to losing even more weight so that I can increase the variety of clothing options. Plus size clothing isn't always the cutest. Quite often plus size clothing will have weird decorations that ruin the item. Oh, don't even get me started on all the plus size items that feature Tweetie Bird and Winnie the Pooh. 

Favorite Food: 

I am really loving vanilla almond milk. The Silk Pure Almond Milk is delicious! It is creamy and sweet. Plus, it has less Weight Watcher points than regular skim milk.

The new Special K Pastry Crisps are amazing! A nice little snack to curb your sweet tooth. They remind me of Pop Tarts. This flavor is my favorite! The cookies and cream flavor is also really good! 

Biggest Temptation: At the beginning of each school year I make cookies for the teachers that I work with. This year I took a couple hours and made the cookies in the kitchen at work. I did this for two reasons. #1: The oven is bigger. I can bake more cookies at the same time. #2: Knowing that people could see me in the kitchen I wasn't tempted to dig into the cookie dough or the fresh baked cookies. A win-win situation! 

Biggest Success: I did four laps around the track this morning. I could have done a lot more, but I needed to get back home to get ready for church!

I received my 10% keychain!

Awesome Moment: Last Sunday, I was reading on the Facebook page of a local Christian station that the Duggars were going be speaking at a church just north of Cincinnati. I am a huge Duggar fan. It is wonderful how they openly share their faith with the world. I admire how they don't sweep their beliefs under the rug, in search of fame. They use their spotlight to shine light on issues that are important to them. 

The whole family sang a song together. The youngest,Josie sang really loud. She is adorable! 

The children played a few songs on their violins and cellos.

They also sang, "I've been Redeemed."

During the sermon by Pastor Hall of Hope Baptist Church,Jim Bob and Michelle sat next to me. They greeted me warmly!

After the sermon Michelle did a question and answer time with the women. Jim Bob and Josh spoke with the men in another room. I was really blessed with Michelle's testimony on how she became a Christian. 

Getting to meet the Duggars has been on my bucket list for a couple of years. I am excited to mark off another bucket list item

What is something on your bucket list?

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