Friday, August 2, 2013

Weight Watchers Update

Pounds Lost So Far: 23.4 lbs.
Physical Changes: I noticed that my clothing is getting baggy.A co-worker even mentioned it. Yahoo! My face has thinned out.My energy level is getting much better. I don't think twice about going upstairs. This is actually pretty big for me as I would avoid going upstairs. I really didn't move much before. 

Favorite Food: Smart Ones Canadian Style Bacon English Muffin Sandwich. These are really good.I accidentally ran out of these one day this week. I was really looking forward to having one for breakfast and was very disappointed to not find one in the freezer.
Emotional Changes: It has been amazing receiving tons of compliments from friends and family. The encouragement is really keeping me going. Going through this journey has helped me realize that I am capable of doing a lot of things. Who knows where and what this process will lead me to next!

Biggest Temptations:Dirt Pudding
This week in our elementary cooking club we made Dirt Pudding with the kids. Chocolate is my weakness. I have been tempted to dive into the can of delicious chocolate goodness. Don't even get me started on the Oreo cookies. I have made some good choices. On three of the five days I didn't have any. On the other two days I had small servings.Just enough to curb my craving.Portion control is your best friend.  

One of my favorite things about Weight Watchers is that no food is completely off limits. Portion control is the name of the game. Allowing myself to have a little bit of the food I really love is huge. Have a half cup of chocolate pudding keeps me from obsessing over it. If I deprive myself of a food that I really want it becomes an obsession. When it becomes an obsession I am not going to be satisfied with a small portion. I will lose control and eat two or three cups instead of just the half cup.

Biggest Success: On Wednesday,someone brought in cake to celebrate an employee's birthday. I didn't have a crumb. I politely declined a piece when I was offered a slice. 

Last night I tried on a pair of capri pants that didn't fit at the beginning of the summer! Now they are too baggy!

What works for you? What helps you get over your cravings?

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