Saturday, July 13, 2013

S'More Camping Fun: A Camping Hat

Our theme this week was "S'More Camping Fun". I did a little write up about what we did last year. You can find it here. This year we added in a way cute camping hat. We originally found the craft at created by Brooke Williams. You can find that post here

We changed the hat a little bit. We used pipe cleaners instead of real sticks. I would have loved to use real sticks, but the idea of finding sticks for over 300 children was overwhelming. We also used min marshmallows instead of regular size ones. I think the regular sized marshmallows would have caused the pipe cleaners to bend. 

The kids worked on putting the triangles together biggest to smallest. 

The kids also put the marshmallows onto the pipe cleaners. We talked about gently  holding the marshmallow so that they wouldn't get squished. 

Many of the teachers loved the hats so much that they made one for themselves. 

The kids attached the pipe cleaners to the brown band using masking tape. 

The craft was enjoyed by everyone. There were only a few cases of the kids eating the marshmallows off of the hats. One kid was even seen eating the marshmallows off of his friend's hat during storytime. I can't blame them. Marshmallows are yummy! 

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