Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday USA: Preschool Theme

Our summer program is in full swing. I have teamed up yet again with my partner in crime, Ms. Steffanie. We have pretty much the best job in the world. During the summer, we travel between five different preschool centers bringing literature based fun! Each day we are at a different location. At each location we do our activities with three preschool classes. I can't believe how much fun our job is. 

This past week our theme was, "Happy Birthday USA!" 

I donned a cap and an apron to transform into Betsy Ross. With a little research online, I was able to find a little bit of information about her. I read the book, Betsy Ross by Becky White to the children. We had a good conversation about the first flag, our flag today, and the 4th of July. 

Talking Points
A. We talked about the first flag 
1. It had thirteen stripes

2. It had 13 stars

3. The stars were in a circle

B. We talked about our flag now

1. Our flag still has 13 stripes 
2. Our flag has 50 stars now
3. Each star is for a state
a. I pointed out that one star is for Ohio and that another star is for Kentucky.
C. We compared the two flags
1. The children noticed that on the old flag there were less stars
2. They were able to recognize that on the old flag the stars were in the shape of a circle
D. We talked about the 4th of July
1. The 4th of July is a holiday. The children named other holidays
2. The children learned that the 4th of July is America's birthday
3. We talked about what we do to celebrate the 4th of July
a. parades
b. fireworks
c. picnics
d. decorating with red, white, and blue

After our little discussion, the children headed to the tables to make an American Flag.

We taught the children a few simple songs that we sang later during our parade. 

Wave Your Flag
(If your happy and you know it)

Wave your flag way up high, way up high.
Wave your flag way up high, way up high.
Wave your flag way up high, like a banner in the sky.
Wave your flag way up high, way up high,

Happy Birthday America
( Happy Birthday)

Happy Birthday to America
Happy Birthday to America
Happy Birthday, Dear America
Happy Birthday to America. 

We set out some decorating materials for the children to decorate their teachers. We had streamers, toilet paper,and paper stars. The children decorated their teachers just like a 4th of July float. This is really my favorite part. The teachers are usually a little self-conscious at first, but warm up pretty quickly. The kids get a kick out 
of being able to stick stuff all over their teachers. 


After the children finish decorating their teachers we parade around the center. The children waved their flags and sang to the front desk staff and the cook . The kids loved waving to the students in the other classrooms. 

After our parade around the center, we headed back to enjoy another story. We ended our time by reading the book, Happy 4th of July Jenny Sweeney! by Leslie Kimmelman.

This week our theme is "S'More Camping Fun." Can't wait to show you the adorable hats that the kids made!

Check out "S'More Camping Fun" week last year.

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