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Project Life

Back in 2009, I was one of the crazy people online on January 1st trying to purchase the Project 365 kit. It was a new way of scrapbooking created by Becky Higgins and sold through Creating Keepsakes. I had first heard about Project 365 in Creating Keepsakes Magazine and knew I had to get the kit. On the day they began selling online, there was such a rush to purchase the kit, that it shut down the website for a while.

The idea was to take a picture each day of the year and  a small 3 X 4 inch journaling card.  You would then tuck your pictures and journaling cards into divided page protectors. The  page protectors features four 4X6 spots on top and four 3X4 spots on the bottom.

This way of scrapbooking really appealed to me. It was simple and easy. A great way to document the everyday moments in life.

My opening page of the album featured some of my favorite photos from the first part of the year. The top write photo was from Inauguration Day. I was very excited. More about that in a bit. I also included song lyrics from the song, "Seasons of Love" from the  Rent.  My favorite photo is of my Grandfather and I. It is extremely precious to me as he he died about a year after the photo was taken.

One of the great features to the album was that it is a three ring style. I was able to add in additional size page protectors into the album. I was a very excited about the Inauguration in 2009. I added in a lot of extras documenting that day.
I made a layout of pictures from the day. I included little dingbats from a font that featured pictures of President Obama. 

I made another layout with a large photo of Obama's hand on the bible. I tucked smaller pictures behind the large photo. 

I also included a bit of journaling about my feelings of the day. While my politics have changed from 2009, I still love  the layouts I made. I still love that Project 365 opened my eyes to documenting the "real "moments of life. 

With Project 365, I went strong until July when I gave it up. It was too difficult to come up with a picture for each day. While I gave up on the project, I am still very happy to have an album that documented over six months of the year. 

My extra supplies and page protectors sat on the self mostly unused until December of 2012. There was a huge buzz on Pinterest about Project Life, which is the updated form of Project 365.  I decided to break out my unused page protectors to document the month of December. I really enjoyed the process and have  continued documenting my life in 2013. The Project Life system is still created by Becky Higgins. The emphasis has gone away from the picture a day, yet many people still do it this way. Project Life has become much more versatile.  The kits are designed to use in any way you choose. You can take a picture a day or document a week. You can use the page protectors and accompanying products any way you choose. The anything goes approach is much less daunting. In 2009, I was stressed about keeping up with taking a picture a day. Scrapbooking is a hobby, it shouldn't be stressful. 

In 2013 I have decided to document my life on a weekly basis. Each week has its own double page spread.  I don't stress about having a picture for each day. I may have five pictures that I want to use from one day and none from another day, that is OK with me. 

If I want to add in additional photos, I add in a  6X8.125 inch card with journaling and pictures. 

Right now I am not using any of Becky Higgins designed kits and just choose to use my stash. I am waiting for the new designs she is releasing in May. They will be selling at Archivers, so I will be able to see the kits in person before I choose one.  From what I can tell  online, the designs are beautiful. Click here to check out  the Becky Higgins Spring catalog. 

I have purchased a few sets of Becky Higgins' Design A page protectors that I will use once my leftovers from 2009 have been used. This is what Design A looks like.

The 3X4 spots are in the middle instead of at the bottom. 

This is my cover page for 2013.  The 2013 at the the top is from Smitha Katti. You can find the download here.  The other cards are from Kimberly Kalil deigns. You can find them here

 I have enjoyed adding other fun bits of life to my Project Life Album. 
 Picture of a book I am reading. 
 My meal plan and shopping list. 
My first quarter of 2013 goals.
 I also got my husband involved. My Father-in-law was recently diagnosed with ALS. I handed my husband a card and had him write about his feelings. I added a few photos of my Father-in-law on the front of the card and tucked it into one of the pockets. 

This past week I made a card using Photoshop Elements with tiny pictures of things that I pinned on Pinterest. 

Project life has been very enjoyable so far this year. I really look forward to completing my layouts each week. 

Are you interested in knowing more about Project Life? Here are a very resources that may be helpful

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