Monday, October 15, 2012

Modest Monday: Plus Size Style

I have been thinking a lot about how I present myself.  For the past few years I have done everything to blend in to the background. I wore large and frumpy clothes. I didn't give a care. I had given up on trying to look nice.  Recently something has changed. I feel a gentle nudging from God, that I am to be example to others in word and actions. OK, maybe the nudge wasn't so gentle. A few embarrassing situations have guided me to make some changes.

One change I hope to make is in my style of clothing. I have never been a provocative dresser. Yet, I haven't really given much thought to how my choice of dress may influence others. Is my choice of dress backing up the message I am trying to send? Is my choice of dress honoring to God? Is my choice of dress honoring to my marriage?

As a plus-size woman it can be difficult to find clothing that is modest. Many shirts that I find are cut very low in the front. Finding tops with a modest cut in the arms is also very difficult.

My Modesty Dress Standards:
                    1. At this point, I choose to still wear pants. As time passes I hope to     transition to wearing only skirts and dresses.
                    2. I do not wear tank tops, until they are layered underneath another shirt
                    3. I will choose to wear dresses and skirts below the knee.

                                  Pants: Walmart
                                         Tank: Target (4 years ago)
                                         T-Shirt: Walmart (Last year)
                                         Denim Jacket: Goodwill
                                         Necklace: My Mom made it!
                                         Shoes: Pr!vo from Discount Shoe Warehouse



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  1. Hi Emily :) I was just revisiting some of my old blog comments and landed here. Thought I would say hi :) I struggle with the "Dressing up" thing too and wish I had someone to dress me every day lol It's a chore but I am glad you are enjoying it enough to share :)