Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our trip to Detroit!

Last weekend, Michael and I headed up to Detroit to attend his grad school orientation. I was nervous about going. I have extreme hotel phobia. The idea of sleeping in a bed that thousands of other people have slept in freaks me out. I brought my own sheets and blankets. Took along my own plastic cups as well. The hotel turned out to okay, not great, just okay!

While Michael was in his orientation I stayed in the hotel and had a TLC tv marathon and clipped coupons! Exciting, I know!

The next day we went to the Henry Ford Museum in nearby Dearborn. It was fantastic. Before we went,we headed over to Meijer to pick up discount tickets. We ended up paying $13.50 per ticket compared to the $17 ticket price at their ticket booth! Score!

One of the first things that you see when you walk into the Museum is the Wiener mobile! I love the kitchy coolness of it!
Michael was able to try his hand at putting together a Model-T.
I also put together my own little Model-T. Look at the screws on the front. They are a bit crooked!
The museum had much more on display than just cars. They have an impressive collection of farming equipment. There is also a very well done display on human rights!
I found this poster to be especially commical!

 Michael in front of the car that JFK was shot in.

For lunch we ate at the Weinermobile cafe! Michael had this massive chilli cheese dog!
We hope to return to the Henry Ford to visit Greenfield village. Greenfield village is an educational and historic landmark that preserves the buildings and stories of the past.
The Henry Ford was an outstanding museum. We could have stayed longer, but we needed to head back home!
What activities and places do you enjoy visiting in the Detroit/Dearborn area?

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