Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School Gifts

 I love giving gifts!  This year, I put together a little gift bag for the teachers that I work with. Inside the bag was some homemade chocolate chip cookies, snicker doodle cookies, and Kit Kats. I also included a letter to the teachers and a list of what is coming up in Storytime! Each year, towards that end of the letter I always slip in a part that if they are the first teacher to e-mail from their school that they get an additional "special treat." This year I have had the biggest response.

As the "special treat I gave the teachers a water bottle and a package of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Magic Erasers are pure gold to teachers. You can get almost anything out with those babies!

I created this little water bottle gift to give to my fellow "specials" teachers. They are incredibly easy to make! Click here to find a great tutorial.


One of the classroom teachers game me this incredibly cute and sweet gift! She included a jar of her family's blackberry jam.
Glad to be back to school! Glad to be back to a regular schedule! What is your favorite thing about Back-to-School?

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