Friday, July 27, 2012

Feeling Better and My Birthday

Finally I am feeling some what alive after been under the weather for a week.I went to the doctor's on Tuesday and was told I had bronchitis. They gave me some meds and sent me on my merry way! I felt horrible on Tuesday and Wednesday. Slept and watched movies most of the day. On Thursday, I still felt terrible. The doctor's office called me to see how I was feeling. I told them I was going to come back. They suggested that they could send me a prescription for a more powerful med or I could come back. I went back.
When I arrived, they ushered me back to be X-rayed. They took two chest x-rays I waited for the doctor to review them. She came in the the exam room and told me she was glad I came back because it turns out that I have pneumonia. They gave me a few shots, which were very painful. I am a big needle baby. I also received a breathing treatment that made me woozy.They sent me home with prescription for some more powerful meds.

Michael took the day off today to take care of me and to catch up on some sleep. I have been keeping him up with my coughing. He went to Walmart to buy me some treats. What a sweetheart he is!

Monday was my birthday. I was very spoiled by my family and co-workers. My co-worker/partner-in-crime brought me a balloon and a little chocolate cake. They cake was delicious. I had a bit for lunch that day.

Another co-worker, Michelle gave me some beautiful roses and a vanilla cream frosting candle! The flowers are still looking beautiful on the kitchen table.

Last weekend, Michael helped me pick out some new shoes for work. I needed some shoes that covered my toes and that still worked with capri pants.Michael pointed to a shelf and said, "What about those?" Turns out they were exactly what I was looking for! I purchased some athletic looking Skechers that are cute and comfortable!

I was also in the market for a new bible. It took some major hunting to find this Women's Study Bible. I was so glad that I kept looking because it is exactly what I wanted. It has weekly Bible studies, a concordance, maps, study notes, and book introductions and outlines. I am really enjoying it!

I hope to do a little wrap up about the Mini Olympics and the Ooeygooey Olympics either tomorrow or Sunday!  Have a great day!

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