Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shame on Walmart in Florence, Kentucky

I am a bargain shopper. In this day and age we are all looking for the best return on our money. To be honest Walmart does have good prices, it is not worth the rudness and general mistrust of customers by the staff.
I have had many unpleasant experiences at this store, and have now decided not to spend my hard earned money at this establishment any longer. I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and not shop at stores that treat me like a criminal.

Experience #1: I purchased a scrapbook from the craft section. I grabbed it quickly and did not pay much attention to the condition that it was in. After inspecting the item in my car, I went back into the store to return the item. I was hassled for 15 minutes by two employees about wanting to return an item that was clearly damaged. I was told, "How do we know you didn't damage the item yourself?". Pleasant Customer service staff is not available at this store.

Experience #2: I purchased a bra to go with a dress that I had at home. When I got home I realized that the bra would not be appropriate for that particular dress. So I brought the bra back to Walmart. I waited in line for 20 minutes in the returns department only to be told that I needed to get a ticket from an associate at the door. When walking into the store I was clearly caring a Walmart bag and was not stopped by any associate at the door. So I went to get the ticket and was given the ticket with no questions asked by the associate at the door. So I walk back to the returns area and waited another 10 minutes for service, I actually go up to the same woman who had originally told me to get the ticket. She looks at me and says, "They actually gave you a ticket? I wouldn't have. You could have gone into the store with a bag and then put the bra in there and are now trying to get money back for the bra." I told the lady, "I had the receipt right here!" This lady fought with me for 10 minutes about the bra. I was finally given my money back after asking for a manager and arguing with them for 5 minutes. I was very upset.

Experience #3:(Today 4/17/10) I normally park by the tire section because I am able to get a parking space close to the building. I do my shopping and head back to the tire section. It was before 9:00pm when that area usually closes it's doors. Anyway I try to go through the doors and they would not open. There was a cashier at the check-out who was helping a customer and I asked if he could open the door for me. He told me, "We are closed!" I asked again several times if he would open the door. Each time I was rudely told that they were "closed". If they were closed why was he cashing out some customers? I asked him one more time if he could please open the door for me. He said, "Do you have the number for Bentonville, AR , maybe they can help you? I was already in the store! They could have let me out!

These are only three of several more unacceptable experiences that I have had at this store. Customers are the bread and butter of business. If businesses continue to offer poor service and substandard products than they will no longer be in business. We as consumers need to stand up for our rights and no longer put up with crappy service. If we keep letting business get away with this behavior, things will not change.


  1. I wouldn't shop there either. We only have one Walmart, and the customer service is excellent. Mind you I only go there maybe once a month. I try to shop local business'.

  2. I would have quit at Experience #2. Poor customer service is never acceptable.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're an abuser of scrapbooks, a bra thief, and that you had the audacity to shop inside the store to spend your hard-earned money on their products when it was "closed." You have some nerve, Emily. Some nerve.

  3. Did I mention....I was inside the store and they wouldn't let me out!!!