Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am a Project 365 Dropout!

I was one of the crazy people desperate to buy the Project 365 on January 1st, 2009
I clicked and clicked and clicked and finally got the kit into my shopping cart. I was on the band wagon until the middle of July. The summer was extremely busy and I just stopped creating stuff. 

Extreme guilt followed. I had spent $40 on the kit and I hadn't followed through on yet another thing. 

So until two weeks ago all the unused supplies sat hidden in my craft room. Sat down and looked through the part of the album that I did finish. I loved it. It was so much fun to see what happened a year ago and the stories that I had forgotten. 

So out goes the guilt. Scrapbooking is a hobby. It's suppose to be fun. It's not suppose to be about guilt. Its about documenting the stories of life. 

Last week I broke out my kit again. Took a picture a day and used the journaling cards. It felt nice and comfortable to do that process again. No pressure just fun in documenting life.I am planning to pick up and document August through December of 2010. Thats the plan at least. If it doesn't work out again, I will not feel guilty!

Here is my 2010 album. It's a 12 x 12 American Crafts album. I love the size. I love the color. The real color is an olive green. 

Have a lovely Friday everyone!


  1. I didn't get the kits but I did start it, well kind of. I journaled and took a picture daily, but I have yet to put anything in a scrapbook.
    I started again this year, but am documenting mostly on my blog. But I do still want to put it in a album.

  2. I bought project life this year and only received it late in February. I am planning to do the best I can to get it up to date with the help of my blog.

  3. Definitely don't feel guilty! What a huge undertaking - so I'd feel happy about getting any of it done. I always start and don't finish projects, especially huge ones!

  4. I did my 2009 365 scrapbook and now have a 2010 Project Life one....this year it's been so hard to keep up...I've taken a picture everday but haven't wrote things down at all. I'm thinking maybe this might be my last year doing 365. I LOVE the end result, but boy is it hard to do!!