Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things I Love and Hate Right Now

Things I'm Loving and Hating Right Now!
The Mentalist

A guilty pleasure kinda show!

Caramel Apple Cider

A favorite cool weather favorite


Here are a few of my favorites. I read tons of blogs, but here are just a few!

Elsie's Blog : What a creative little artist. I would love to visit her store.

Steve Fuller: Church Experiment: I forgive him for stealing my idea, because his insight is very entertaining. He is visitng 52 churches in 52 weeks. Wow! I wanted to have a similar blog called Cin Church ( Where I would go to churches in the Cincinnati area and talk about my experiences there to help newcomers to this area find a home church)

Made In Brooklyn: This is an awesome blog. The author is a stay-at-home Mom, baker, a devine crafter, sweet, former resident of Vermont, and former teacher. She also just happens to be married to the brother of one of my best friends from high school.

Lisa Bearnson : A super creative scrappin' mom. She is the founder of Creating Keepsakes Magazine.

Cakies : Creative Eye Candy

Beth and Susan Opel: Two super duper spunky crafters

This Man!
He is such a wonderful guy. A bit crazy and odd, but he is so caring and loving. He has done such a good job taking care of me while I'm sick. Yay! He even made me homemade mac and cheese for lunch. My first real solid meal since Friday! He cooks, he cleans, he is great with children. He gives great hugs. Back away ladies, he is all mine!

Things I Hate

The Inability to Move Pictures Around On My Blog.

I've had to do this entire blog backwards. Why can't I move my pictures around like I used to?

My Hair

It's stringy, limp, and out of control. I wish I knew how to style it.

Doctors pushing shots on you.

I am not the biggest fans of Drs. right now. Ok...I like Drs. I like that I am feeling so much better. I am glad that my strep infection is on the mend. What I don't like is being pushed to have a steroid shot. Excuse me, I am not an athlete. I've had more prescriptions for steroids in the past year than many pro-atheletes have. I'm sorry steroids do not work in helping me get better. The doctor (whom is not my regular doctor) pushed me to get a steroid injection. She told me I'd feel so much better. I refused. The doctor seemed insulted that I objected. Excuse me, its my body. If I don't want a shot, I'm not getting one. Thanks! Plus after taking one dose of antibiotics and an hour long nap, I felt soooooooo much better. So phooey on you!

Bad Customer Service/ Not Getting What I order.

I went to college for Hospitality/Tourism, so I have very little tolerance for unexceptable service. Food establishments seem to be the biggest offenders. The one bright spot in the fast food industry has to be Chick-Fil-A. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with that compnay. The workers are clean-cut, they have a smile on their face, my food order is always correct, the resturants are clean, and the staff actually cares! Well done Chick-Fil-A.

I will spare you with my extensive list of unexceptable service...cough..cough...cough AOL.

Have a lovely evening!




  1. Um, first off, a sincere thank you for your wonderful compliment. We are humbled to be included in your list of favorite blogs.

    Second, are we sisters from another mother? I don't think there is a single item on your list of favorites that I do not absolutely adore...especially The Mentalist. Definitely one of my favorite shows on TV!


  2. My love/hate list is VERY similar to yours as well!! Although I would have to swap in my husband for yours just because, you know, I married the guy and all. :)

    That apple cider looks amazing!!