Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vermont Car Sightings

I get soooooo excited when I see a Vermont or New Hampshire car while I'm in Ohtuckana (I made that up myself) I usually speed up to read any bumper stickers or dealership stickers to somehow find out where they are from. If I see a Vermont car in a parking lot, I usually leave a note saying HI! If a person is in the car, I will speak to them. Here are my latest sightings.

8/4/09: At the Kroger Parking Lot in Erlanger Kenctucky

An SUV with Vermont licence plate. Spoke to passenger who was in the vechicle at the time. Was told that they are "from" Bradford but are here visiting family.

8/7/09: On I75 South in Kentucky. Got off on the Buttermilk Pike Exit.

The car was small and blue. There was a man appox. 50 years old and a women appearing to be of the same age. I waved at them, they did not wave back

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