Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Goodwill Haul and Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

My husband and I are active Goodwill shoppers. We have our favorite thrift shops in our local area. Even when we are traveling we make the point to find a thrift shop or two.

Here is what we found on our most recent Goodwill trip. It was 50% off of everything weekend!

I buy these exact shoes every year at DSW for about $55. They are super comfortable and fit the dress code at work. I wear a size 10 shoe so finding good condition shoes at Goodwill is pretty difficult. When I saw these shoes on the rack I may have let out a scream of excitement. Priced at $10. Score! 

My husband also has pretty big feet. He is a shoe snob. He spends a lot of time standing at work, so he needs good quality shoes. He found this L.L Bean pair for $5. I checked the L.L Bean site and these were priced at $50. 

Another pair of cute SKECHERS in my size. Both pairs looked brand new. Also found these on the SKECHERS website for $46. Goodwill price $7. 

I was looking for a basket to put on the over the toilet shelf.I had a pink plastic container in there before to hold our nail care items.  It held everything but it wasn't very nice. I found this set of baskets for $1.50. The larger one is just the perfect size. I am planning on filling the smaller basket with goodies and giving it as a gift.

This bowl is beautiful in person. I wanted it to place on our table. It will look beautiful with fruit or holiday decorations. This will be perfect for a 4th of July display. Goodwill price was $2.50. 

This book is filled with ideas for cleaning your house. Did you know you could let a dryer sheet soak in water in a casserole dish to remove stuck on food? I didn't! Can't wait to try that trick! Got this book for $1.50. 

My husband collect unusual ties. The stranger the better! He enjoys wearing crazy ties to work each day. The purple one is actually a really nice one. Each tie was about $.75. 

This jar was an impulse purchase. It was on a shelf by the register. I don't have any immediate use for it, but it would be nice to fill will goodies as a gift or to store brown sugar in my pantry. I gave my mother a smaller version of this jar for Christmas. I filled it with hand lotion, a candle, socks, and hot chocolate. I paid $1.50. Great deal! It is nice and big! 

Five Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

#1: Arrive Early!
There is no shame in waiting outside of the store before it opens. If you are one of the first to arrive you will be able to look over the merchandise before it gets picked over. You might be the first to spot that Ralph Lauren button down for $3.00!

#2: Be Patient! 
Be willing to go through the racks. Don't stick to the sections just labeled for your size. I have found many of my treasures located in sections labeled for other sizes. 

Don't be in a hurry, especially on Saturdays. At our favorite Goodwill the checkout lines can get pretty long. We use that time to chat with others in line. You might get tips from fellow shoppers on other sales going on in the area. The savings are worth the time going through the racks and bins.

#3: Look Things Over!
Look the items completely over. Is it perfect except a button is missing? One of my favorite sweaters was missing a button when I found it at Goodwill.Replacing buttons on a garment is pretty easy. I was able to sew a button on and the item was as good as new. Check thing over. Don't just pass on an item because of a minor flaw. Decide if the flaw is fixable or livable. 

#4: You Don't Have to Buy Everything!
If you like it and can use it, buy it. If you want to buy it just because it is cheap, leave it. If it is just going to become clutter around the house and its not useful, you don't need it. Save money and space for items that you need and what you can really use. 

#5: Treasures can be found, but not on every trip.
You are not going to walk out of the store every time with a treasure. I would say about 30% of the time we walk out of the store without buying anything. Don't get discouraged! Try different stores! Go back often! The savings are worth the time and effort. 

What is your favorite item you have ever found at a Thrift Store or Garage Sale?

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