Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Minute Valentine Activities

More snow?! I like snow, but it is getting out of hand. Brrr! Here are a few last minute activities to help ease cabin fever.

Red Heart, Red Heart, What Do You See?

I found this activity on Miss Tracey's Youtube channel called LittleStoryBug. She is my secret weapon for finding fun songs and activities for storytime. Her channel is a gold mind and always my first stop when looking for a song.

Check her out! 

I created my board using a small chalkboard that I found. The hearts are made out of construction paper and felt. When doing this activity I just attached the hearts to the board with tape. 

Valentines on a Stick

There is just something wonderful about things on sticks. Lollipops, corndogs,and popsicles are some of my favorites! Seriously the kids loved the sticks. Who knew?!

The hearts are made simply from cardstock. I attached the large craft stick to the heart using a mailing labels. Of course you could always use tape. Using the labels helped speed up the process as I created over 80 of these each day this week. 

The kids decorated their valentine's on a stick using tissue paper,party streamers,yarn,pom poms,felt,and other pretty little things. You wouldn't believe how much time the kids spent looking through all the little bits and pieces to find just the perfect ones.  

Sweet Tart Candy Heart Counting and Sorting

 Each child was given ten SweetTarts Hearts. I chose this particular brand because they are not processed in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts. All of my schools are nut free.The SweetTart Hearts taste really good. You could use regular candy hearts if you have those around,but I highly recommend the SweetTarts brand.

The kids sorted the hearts on the sheet by color. Next they colored in the heart underneath. The final step was enjoying some of the candy.

Click on the link below to find the sheet that I created. 

Hope that you and your family found these activities fun! Remember, spring will come soon!  

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