Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fake Pumpkin Pie and Skype!

This week in Storytime we have been making  adorable "pumpkin" pies. So simple. I cut dinner sized paper plates into four pieces. The kids painted away. The best part was having the kids add a spoonful of cinnamon!  Really funny watching them stick their noses unusually close to all the orange paint. I think a few kids ended up with an orange tipped nose.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday! On Saturday he picked up a webcam for his gift. We had a good time playing with all the cool effects like the fish eye lens. So the best part of having a webcam is Skype. I wish I would have known about Skype earlier.  My family lives in northern Vermont and I live in Northern Kentucky.Thanks to Skype I was able to video chat with them. I ate ice cream with my 4 year old niece. I even read her a story! It was fantastic! I am very homesick and the ability to see everybody had me in tears. We have set up plans to video chat again on Thanksgiving when everybody comes over for dinner! Thank you Skype! Thank you technology!

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  1. That's a great project...thanks for sharing! I'd like to do that in my classroom, I'm going to ask the lead teacher if we can work it in!!!
    Happy birthday to your DH. And I had a webcam, used it to communicate with my DH when he was in the Army and deployed to was awesome for the kids to see him & talk to him!