Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Fun Does it Again!!

 This bright and cheerful magazine was in my mailbox today! Yay!
I've read Family Fun since 2003! I was first introduced to it by a co-worker who always had the cutest ideas. She let me in on her "secret weapon." I have binders full of articles and projects to try! Even though I don't have children, it still has come in handy planning activities for school and church! This magazine has saved the day and my sanity more than once!

The past year the magazine has really been incredible!
 Back in March, I was looking for a special treat to share with one of my classrooms! The fruit rainbow was a huge hit! Just last week a student asked when I was going to make the rainbow again!
The kids in Scrapbooking club loved making these lollipop flower for the spring showcase! A number of parents even made one!!!  Thinking of changing the pattern a little bit to make poinsettias for Christmas!
 This game was inspired by an advertisement featured in Family Fun!

 I wasn't surprised to find such a simple and brilliant idea in the September issue. I can be described as somewhat flighty. I pack nice lunches for myself, but they always seem to be left at home in the fridge. When I saw this cute reminder clip, I knew it was exactly what I needed to jog my memory on the way out the door.  With my trusty glue gun ,I attached a pack of Post-It notes to a laundry clip! Easy peesey!  When I'm done with it I can just take the top note off!! Brilliant!! I can't wait to use it tomorrow!

Thanks Family Fun!

PS: They have a GREAT website! Top notch


  1. Wow I would love a closer look at that looks fantastic.

  2. The fruit rainbow is awesome!!!

  3. Still in love with your fruit rainbow!