Sunday, July 11, 2010

$14.99 Magazines and Funky Church Signs

 So I took my $20 to the bookstore to treat myself! I had the most difficult time choosing something. I wandered around for over an hour just looking. I ended up buying this special issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine!
 It is a very good special issue. It had a few project ideas that I'm going to use. I especially love the mini album designed to show off your Christmas cards. The holiday season planner was also very cute! It is a definite must have if you are new to scrapbooking!

If you have been reading Creating Keepsakes magazine or Simple Scrapbooks for a while you will recognize some of the projects. I counted 11 projects that have been published in previous issues of Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks.

I also found the price of the issue to be very steep. $14.99 is a lot for a magazine! The issue is all content except for one advert for Bazzill and a few for other Creating Keepsakes products.

It was nice to see projects created by some scrap-celebs that I haven't seen much of lately such as Stacy Julien,Erin Lincoln,and Rebecca Cooper!

All together I found this Special Issue to be very good. The projects featured are very nice. The style is pretty simple, no over the top techniques! Very doable! If you miss Simple Scrapbooks magazine,you will enjoy this issue a lot! 

On the way back from church we saw this sign at another local church. :D I had to stop and take a picture!!

Here is the other side of the same sign!!

Have a wonderful Monday everybody! :D



  1. Oh I could wander around a bookstore for hours as well. I just love the bookstore, and the quilt store, and the scrapbooking stores teehee.
    I moved my dad into an appartment about 5 yrs ago. I was kind of sad for him to move out of my childhood home, but better for him to be closer to me, plus he lived in the country with lots of power outages and the water would freeze in the winter.