Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun in the Kitchen with Emily

The whole cooking thing has been going very well. This past week I've made some totally yummy dishes. 

Monday we had breakfast quesadillas. They had sausage, scrambled eggs,and tomatoes. Topped with a little bit of salsa and sour cream!! Delizioso!!

 Tuesday I made Crock-Pot Chicken BBQ! So easy! Soooo yummy! Michael ate about 5 sandwiches! Guess those will have to be added into the dinner rotation!

I had seen on some cooking website to mix canned pasta sauce with cream cheese! Sounds easy enough to me! 

My hand mixer has only one speed,SUPER SONIC FAST! The little mixer says that there are more speeds,but it's just not true. Knowing that combining the pasta sauce and cream cheese using the hand mixer could be a messy process, I knew I needed to find my apron.Where was my apron? I checked all over the kitchen and in the bathroom. No luck! Grabbed my bathrobe and headed back to the kitchen. Michael,after seeing me head to the kitchen followed me in.

Entering the kitchen he saw me wearing the bathrobe "Snuggie" style and about to turn on the hand mixer.I turned it on and sauce splattered everywhere. Michael laughed and asked me what I was doing. Making dinner of course. He told me that he wasn't going to clean up that mess. Here are some pictures to help you visualize things a little bit better!

The mess!

My bathrobe!

The sauce actually ended up tasting great! I asked Michael if he liked it. He said, "It's Ok!" Perhaps he would have liked it better if he didn't see the "PROCESS" of making the sauce! Ha! Ha! Fun in the kitchen

Michael and I have started a little family tradition of going to fish frys on Friday nights. We are not catholic, we just like fish! Last weekend we went to Mary Queen of Heaven for their fish fry. Its suppose to be the best in Northern Kentucky. We went through the drive-through to pick up our fish! Yes,they have a drive through. Fish Fryss are BIG in this area! Yesterday we went back and actually ate in the school gym. The place was packed! The food was fast and good! Mmmmmm!!! They had guys walking around dressed up like the "GOD FATHER." They had gold chains and everything. The sign above explains it all! Some good campy fun in Northern Kentucky!

Next weekend I am going to a baby shower for a co-worker. That means a stop by Babies R Us! For those of you who don't have such a store you are missing something. A SUPER GIANT emporium for all things baby and toddler. Its fun to look at all the cute little babies clothes and bedding. I picked a few things from the registry. Those monkey receiving blankets are trรจs adorable! Of course I had to get the Butt Paste! Its a tradition!I've been giving it to Mommy-to-be for years. It gives everyone a good laugh and apparently its actually good stuff!

Just found out that two more ladies at work are expecting. It must be in the water. Remind me to fill the old water bottle at work!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

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  1. Oh my did have a serious fight with your mixer:)