Friday, January 22, 2010

Recent Online Finds and my Cheesehead husband!

I'm trying to be proactive with accomplishing thing on my 2010 To-Do list! I found the most excellent site, The Happiness Project Toolbox. It has some outstanding tools to keep you motivated and organized in the goal setting process. One of my favorite tools on this site is called "Resolutions". You are able to input a goal,set a deadline, and break the goal into manageable steps! When you finish a step to your goal you are able to make a little check mark in the completed column! Yay! Nothing like crossing something off of your list!

I am loving the Hello, Good Gravy! blog! Whoa! It it is full of great giveaways, creative eye-candy, and fun stuff! The artist is also a real sweetheart, even if she doesn't like REAL maple syrup!

 As you can tell from the photo above, Michael and I are real party animals! While preparing dinner, I was looking for some cheese. I knew we had this MEGA big cheese brick in the fridge, but I was hesitant to open it. Michael asks to see the MEGA brick of cheese. He puts it on his head and announces that he is a "CHEESE HEAD".  What can I say, he makes me laugh!

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

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  1. Such a funny pic of your DH:)
    Have a wonderful weekend.