Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big Butter Jesus, Jellybean People, and Church

Michael and I went to IKEA yesterday. He wanted to look at couches and I wanted to look at all the cute nick-knacks. I'm proud to say that the only money we spent was on food in their restaurant! Their chocolate cake is to die for! Really
After IKEA, Michael suggested we go to Dayton. I was game. I didn't really have an excuse for not going. On our journey we passed "Touchdown Jesus" or "Big Butter Jesus". My picture does not do it any justice. It is a huge statue outside of a church. Very visable on the northbound side of I75. While I think the statue is very tacky, it is a conversation piece. Maybe someone might be interested in finding out what kind of church would have a 50 foot Jesus infront of their church. If they step into the church and come to know the Lord, I'm all about it. Its still very funny. Everytime I pass by it I have to sing the "Big Butter Jesus" song.

Outside of the Dayton Art Museum was this piece. Michael was transfixed by it. He stood for over 5 minutes just looking at it.

Here was my favorite piece at the museum. The Jellybean People! Basically it was two old department store maniquins covered with jellybeans and shallaced within an itch of its life. Behind the jellybean people were thousands of hand painted paper butterflies that would take turns fluttering. I'm not sure if their was suppose to be some kind of "artistic" meaning to it. Sometimes, I think people try to put to much "arty-ness" into art. Couldn't it be that the artist just really liked jellybeans and butterflys? Does it have to have some deeper meaning?

Here was my art this morning. I made pumpkin muffins with cinnamon and brown sugar topping. I made them because I love muffins and brown sugar. There is no other motive besides the like of food that made me create these muffins! Ha!
Michael and I are going to give Small groups at church another go. We are attending a group tonight of 6 to 10 other couples who are also in their 30s. If you know me the idea of meeting twelve to twenty new people is enough to give me hives. I have a hard time knowing what to say to people. I've spent the last hour researching ways to make a good first impression on people. I've read about body language and face language. So from what I've read I'm suppose to smile, keep my arms uncrossed, lean into people and give a nice firm hand shake. Why did they not teach this stuff in school? Maybe they did and I just missed that day! I have a good feeling about this! I can do this!


  1. Fun adventures :). I do love Ikea! Hope your group goes/went well. Looking forward to hearing about it. See you next month! If you're around long enough, I'd love to go out to coffee (or something) with you some night.

  2. Yeah, everytime I pass that Jesus, I giggle, it's so "cheesey" yet it is something good...there are lots of Christians around this area, and it's definitely a way to open up the conversation!

    The Dayton art museum looks much is admission?