Friday, July 3, 2009

Shame Shame Target and Reality Tuesday Coffeehouse Rocks!

I was not pleased with my experience at the Target store in Florence last Sunday. I normally print my pictures at Kroger or Sam's Club. Yet, the photo machine at Sam's club was down. So I sent my pictures to Target. Here is my beef about Target.
1. I walked to the photo counter and there was nobody there.
2. I made eye contact with 7 store employees and nobody came to see if I needed help.
3. I waited for 5 minutes at the counter. Then I called Target on my cellphone to ask for help. It took another 5 minutes for someone to finally come over.
4. While the person did arrive, they didn't even seem like they knew I was there. She talked to the older couple who was working on the photo machine, but the associate just walked right past me and started working on something behind the counter.
5. I said, "Hello" twice. No response.
7. Then the associate said, "Oh...I didn't see you there!" (OK I am not a small person, it's kinda hard to miss me!...anyway)
8. I was overcharged. I was suppose to receive my 4X6 free.
9. The photo paper used was very thin and cheesy!
So I will NEVER use Target Photo again!
I have very little patience for bad customer service. Don't even get me going on the customer service at the Indy Children's Museum. Hmmmmmmm... :P

This creepy bird was in this creepy tree! I thought it looked very cool!

I love magnolias! So beautiful! The smell was incredible!

These beautiful are on the corner by our place!

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Reality Tuesday is our new favorite spot to hang out!

I drive by this place everyday on the way to work! I usually in such a hurry to get to work so I've never stopped. Michael and I were driving by it this evening and I told him that I wanted to check it out! I am so glad we did!

I had a large Grasshopper Smoothie. It's heaven in a cup! Yummy chocolate, oreo cookies, and mint! Yummy! Michael had a caramel smoothie! Loved the straws! They were really big. Just perfect. Nothing got stuck in them :D We shared a HUGE piece of oreo cheese cake! Heavinly :D

The decor was a bit kitchyand fun. It reminds me of a large comfty kitchen. There were lots of missmatched tables and chairs. I sat in a large stuffed living room chair. Calming lighting. Nice big windows that let in the evening sun!Awwwww relaxation!

Loved this place! They have live music there. They serve fairtrade coffee! The staff is soooo friendly. They support local artist! Love, Love,Love this place! They also do custom order cakes!

We will be back soon!!!!

I have been wanting this book for a while! Wow! The project in this book are awesome! Very inspiring :D

Guess what! A new part of my job is the official photographer! Yahoo! So I get to go to all the schools take pictures, interview teachers about what is happening and help with the website. I also get to blog about what is happening at the schools! How awsome!! I get to blog,take pictures, read fabulous children's books, dress in crazy costumes, and write. I do have my dream job!

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  1. Emily, I am with you about customer service and sorry you had such an awful time at Target. I typically send my photos to Costco online.
    The goodies at the coffe shop look very Yummy.
    Take care