Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Sunday, Getting a new computer, and my favorite site of the week!

The weekend has been a good one. I am always sad to see them go. The next two weekends will be a flurry of activity. Next Friday I am helping with the "Parent's Night Out" at work. On Saturday I am taking pictures of the women's ministry event. On Sunday, we are having some people from our small group over for brunch before church! Sooooooo...That should be nice :D :D :D :D The weekend after my Mom and Dad will be in town! Yahoo!!!

We finally purchased the new computer. After saving money since November it was really nice to finally get what we wanted. Our old computer wasn't horrible, it just had this terrible habit of doing "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH". There was a lot of drama to getting the computer. It was not as simple as I thought it was going to be. Michael had done some research online about computers and we found one at Sam's Club a few weeks ago that we really liked. So anyway, on Friday night he popped over to Sam's club just to make sure that was the computer we really wanted. When we got there it was SOLD OUT! So Michael did some more research online and found a DELL desktop that he liked that was also sold at Sam's club. So on Saturday we headed back to Sam's club to get the DELL. Guess Dell computer either. By this time I was fed up. So we go back home and Michael does some more research and he finds a great package at Best Buy. We go back towards Best Buy. We talk with one sales lady about the package and we load it up. We head the cashier and they told us it was another price. MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE.Back to the computer area we talk to another sales person and he tells us a cheaper price than the 1st salesperson. Crazy! So we head back to the cashier and tell them that such and such a salesperson told us we could have it for the cheapest price. So a swing of $70 to $100 makes quite a bit of differnce. It makes a difference who you talk to at the store.

So we ended up with a very nice Gateway with a very nice, very wide monitor. I am very excited. It has a movie making program on it that I can't wait to use :D :D :D

Here are the $1 coins we have been saving since November! Thats a lot of coinage :D

Michael playing a stupid computer game!

After church we went to Borders. Michael wanted some computer magazine and I, well I had to slip in a scrapbook magazine as well! It is really fabulous. I've only browsed it so far, but wow tons of fun! I am so sad to see Simple Scrapbooks going away. I hate when magazines have to close. Hallmark magazine, which was another of my favorites is not longer going to be published. Hopefully someday when the economy changes Simple Scrapbooks and Hallmark Magazine can return.


The Par-tea planner

This site has tons of pretties! Check out the photo gallery. Princess Devon's Tea Party Birthday is an out of this WORLD party. So beautiful!!!


  1. Wow...that's so cool: the rolls of $1 coins! Hope you're enjoying your new computer!!!

  2. Glad that you held out and got the price you wanted. Funny I was thinking about getting that magazine - glad that to hear that it is a good one.
    How did you collect all those dollar coins, I necer see dollars coins here. Great pictures.
    Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving such kind comments.