Saturday, March 7, 2009

God using an unlikely means to give me guidance and comfort

I have been struggling with the quest for Perfection. The quest to have a perfect house. The quest to look perfect. The quest to BE perfect. It is unatainable.

So yesterday I received my Issue of Today's Christian Woman which I have just recentley subscribed to. A special section was devoted to unrealistic expentations we place on ourselves to be perfect. It talks about how we are not ment to be "it all". God has gifted us all differently and how we should use those gifts for HIS glory. We were gifted differently to work together to be "THE BODY OF CHRIST". Just like our eyes can't do everything on our bodies, neither are we ment to do EVERYTHING.

It was reassuring to read that other women struggle with some of the same issues that I do. God is amazing. He can even use a magazine to comfort me!

I haven't updated my Project 365 Lately. It has been a struggle lately. I am looking for new things to photograph. It's easy on the weekends because I do different things, but during the week I do pretty much the same stuff.

We started the New Members class at Church. I also broke my favorite creamer that I use to put maple syrup in.

Michael was counting the money in our computer fund! We are almost there. We have enough for the computer we want, we are just waiting a little longer to save for the new version of Photoshop.

My new issue of Creating Keepsakes came in the mail!
Michael and I went to Borders after work!


  1. I like to think I live by this motto:
    "There's no way to be perfect, but a million good things you can do."

    So sorry to hear about your maple syrup pitcher...

    What's your fav think about the April CK? I saw Amanda & Kevin's site, she took the cover photo, it says on pg 122. I love the article "Paint with a Twist."

  2. Love all your photos. I am so behind in posting - hoping to catch up this weekend. I have the photos taken at least.
    Take care