Thursday, January 8, 2009


1. I drove to work on I75. I went above the speed limit

2. I had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch

3. I had a summer camp meeting today! We are worked on cute names to call the Talent and Art shows. We also talked about the parent information packet

4. Received a Happy New Year card from Michael's cousin Matt

5. Still did not send out the Christmas cards yet. I will......I promise! I worked really hard on them. So I will send them!

6. I had cereal and left over chicken for dinner

7. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY PROJECT 365 arriving tomorrow! I can't wait! Oh happy day :D :D

8. I am looking at blogs of other people who are also doing Project 365! Fun! Fun! Fun!
9. I hate traffic
10. I love Facebook

Here is today's pic


  1. Woohoo! I love finding fun new blogs. Your pictures for the 365 project are so great! And as the mom of 2 kids in pre-school I am loving your daily accounts. Imagine the nerve of the 1 crayon lady!!

  2. Your pictures look great. I love that you haven't sent out your christmas cards yet. HA! I sent a handfull of ours out on New Years Day. Some people didn't even get them at all. Oh, well, better luck next year, right. Maybe I better start addressing the envelopes now!