Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 11th and 12th

Back on the healthy eating bandwagon. It's not a diet. At least that is what I am telling myself. Diets fail. Healthy eating is a lifestyle change :D
Last week, I went out for fast food everyday for lunch. I'm just not happy with that. So I'm packing :D I even brought a place mat, real napkin, and wine glass to eat my lunch from. Hey....If I'm going to be eating healthy food, I might as well enjoy it by putting it on a beautiful plate! It's silly, but it helps :D My co-workers get a kick out of seeing me break out my wine glass and place mat :D Yet they come over and check what gourmet lunch I have prepared :D :D
Scrapbooking club has been going very well. The little girls talk about it all week. It's so much fun to hear their conversations and see their pictures and to be able share my passion for this wonderful art :D Yay!
The BIG boss came to me today and told me how pleased he is with all my work and has been hearing wonderful things about Scrapbooking club! The BIG boss is wonderful with passing along positive feedback :D Just like any job there are those rough days, but for the most part I really love my job. I can't believe I get paid to read books to children. I get to bring the stories to life! Really the best job ever. It fits my personality. I like the amount of freedom that I have. I like being able to be creative. I work with some really amazing people :D :D Thank you God for a great job :D


  1. I love your placemat and wine glass setting for your lunch.

  2. I like to bring my own cloth napkins when I pack a lunch! Instead of a wine glass, I have a pretty water bottle from Pottery Barn.