Monday, January 5, 2009

Coloring Inside of the lines!

Why color inside the lines? Growing up there was so much pressure to color inside the lines of my coloring book. That was just not me.It frustrated me that the color only had to stay in a certain area and couldn't be everywhere. My crayons were beautiful and I wanted to have color all over my paper!

Today I was in the Pre-School working on an art project with the children. I asked the teacher if she could get the crayons. So she pulled out a box of perfect crayons and walked around the classroom asking the children which color they would like. Just one crayon. These kids are 4 years old. JUST ONE CRAYON!!!! Just ONE COLOR. What if that little girl or boy wanted lots of colors on their project?! I didn't say anything at the time, but after thinking about it, I was bothered.

Were we really allowing the children to create by limiting them to only one color. What would have happened if a child would have asked for a red crayons and a blue crayon?

Next time I will insist that we give the kids the whole box of crayons and let them use more than one. Our world is not completly made up of RED. Our world is not completely made up of blue. There is color :D


  1. I totally agree! You're limiting their creativity, they're so "free" at that age, too...let them be little.

  2. I'm also doing P365!

    I taught fours for awhile (currently teaching third) and I can't IMAGINE only giving them one crayon! They sure woulda yelled, "hey, where are THE REST?"