Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby Shower and What is Scrapbooking?

These are pictures from the Baby shower on Thursday night. Liz is such a sweet person. She will be an excellent Mom! One of the women who attended the shower is a scrapbooker! Yay! She made the Mom-to-Be a scrapbook, she altered a picture frame,and she even embellished a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer! Adorable.
The elementary scrapbooking club is still going really well. This is a conversation I had with a five year old boy yesterday
Little Boy: Ms. Emily, Can I PLLLLLLEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSE join scrapbooking club. I have to join Scrapbooking club! Please! Can I?
Me: Sure, If you really want to join scrapbooking club you can!
Little Boy: What is scrapbooking?
Me: You'll find out on Tuesday!!
I'm pretty sure he justs wants to come because I make yummy treats each week. Hey, if a draw of brownies gets him into the club and then finds a hobby that he really enjoys...who am I to stop him?


  1. What an awesome thing...I hope that lil guy likes scrapbooking! I was just talking to someone else about knitting in the same way. It's about getting together. I read a book called "Friday Night Knitter's Club," that was fiction but seemed so true. There were some who were serious knitters, others who dabbled and some who just brought cookies and enjoyed the time together!

  2. How cute - I'm with you - what ever draws him in. Great pictures from the baby shower