Monday, November 10, 2008

This Week

It's been a busy week! There are times when I like busy and other times when I like just hanging out at home. I'm home today with a bit of a stomach bug. :P. Naps are good!

Here are some photos of the past week!

Scrapbooking Club

Paper Bag Album

Decorating the Media Center

Sorry about the yellow colors! I forgot to change the settings

Scrapbooking with Stephanie and Sarah

Scrapbooking at Archivers with Stephanie and Sarah was soooooo much fun! Stephanie is just getting back into scrapbooking, so it was really fun to share with her all the new products and tools. She was really excited about the ultra fine glitter and Flocking. They had really fun demonstrations. The tag above was super easy. I really wanted to buy the punches...but didn't. I did get some super cute Christmas stamps! Yahoo. Oh...and the Mini Acrylic Albums. Oh...I can't wait. I have plans to make something for someone special :D

A Drive in Indiana

I love the blue color of this building! So funky!

A Fun Surprise from UPS

Another wonderful book by Ali Edwards! It sure didn't disapoint! The Mini Books were amazing. This book really speaks to me because I am more comfortable scrapbooking with mini books. I think Ali hit it on the head when she said that with regular scrapbooks you are never truly finished until you are done creating memories. Mini-Books gift you a built in finished feeling. I like to finish things. I feel uneasy when things are left unfinished! This is a must-read for all you memory keepers out there!

This book was a gift from a friend at work! Thank you! Thank you!

A Must See Movie

Last weekend Michael and I saw the movie "Fireproof"! This is a must see movie. It is such a romantic movie! It's the feel good movie of the year. Ok...So that acting isn't incredible, the subject matter and HEART behind the movie more than makes up for it! Ladies, bring tissues with you! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD.


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